Curtis Konvalin, Director of Budget and Finance, Riddle’s Group, Inc.

"As a growing company with 53 retail locations and multiple affiliates, we were in need of a budgeting spreadsheet that would help us manage our growth. AG Capital was very professional, efficient, patient, and easy to work with through the entire process. I would recommend the experts at AG Capital to any company looking for help writing complex Excel spreadsheets to meet the needs of their organization."


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"We supply our products to several customers but one of them accounts for half of our sales volume. This client offers to further increase its purchasing volume but with less favorable conditions. Should we agree?" Solution...


My company is very small, only 7 people. I have a part time bookkeeper and work with an accounting firm for my taxes and other financial matters. Why would I need a Chief Financial Officer too? How much would it cost?

Accountants and bookkeepers are focused on getting your bookkeeping done and your tax filings done correctly and on time. They are normally not involved in helping managers make strategic decisions – that’s just not their business. Moreover, a good accountant usually has a detail-oriented personality while a CFO has more of a ‘big picture’ outlook.

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I am starting up a new business. I know it is a great idea and have a little money to invest into it. But I want to be sure that the business can really make money like I imagine it can. I really need to be very careful with the limited funds I have and do not want to waste any money that I do not absolutely need to spend. How can you help me?

We have a great package called, Return On Investment/Business risk/Scenario analysis, that sounds perfect for you. This product is designed to be affordable for a start-up but is a very powerful tool that allows you to evaluate different scenarios of your business, projections, to understand the breakeven level of sales and the amount of funds that will be required for your business to be successful. The ROI analysis allows you to get a clear understanding of sales levels that are needed to breakeven, the maximum time needed to reach that point and the amount of funds that will be needed to be invested and when they would be required.

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I am setting up my company and have an accounting firm for my bookkeeping and taxes. I am pretty clear about the business and how well it will do but I am having difficulty creating the financial plans that the bank or investors are going to want to see so I can prove that I can make money and make them a profit. What exactly am I going to need and how can I make them as perfect as possible?  Can a CFO help me with that and how? Maybe my accountant can just do this for me?

Accountants usually are fine for doing your bookkeeping and your tax filings correctly and on time. Usually, though, they do not have experience in preparation of and the presentation of business and financial plans. It is absolutely essential that you have an extremely professional business plan and well a thought out, accurate and realistic financial plan package. Without this you are wasting your time attempting to raise any funds for your business and you will appear to be unprepared and unprofessional when you finally get that opportunity to present your business proposal to an investor or a bank.

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My company has been going along fine with the usual ups and downs over the last 10 years. But I would really like to increase my revenues and feel as though I might be missing some important things in the financial arena. I am very good at my business but, maybe, not as good at financial projections and analyses as I would like to be. What can you do to help me with this? Can it really help me grow my business? I would really need to be able to rationalize the cost of this service.

A well-designed financial analysis and planning system might help you a lot in achieving your goals. We have worked with clients in situations just like yours for years and the best approach, in our opinion is as follows;

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