Curtis Konvalin, Director of Budget and Finance, Riddle’s Group, Inc.

"As a growing company with 53 retail locations and multiple affiliates, we were in need of a budgeting spreadsheet that would help us manage our growth. AG Capital was very professional, efficient, patient, and easy to work with through the entire process. I would recommend the experts at AG Capital to any company looking for help writing complex Excel spreadsheets to meet the needs of their organization."


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"We have a seasonal turnover. The products must be ordered now but we're only going to sell them in a few months. How much we should purchase now to be certain we have enough product and cash on hand for later in the season?" Solution...

AG Capital CFO Services Enters the U.S. Market

AG Capital participates in the FSX Financial Services Exchange Investor Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA.

From the 26th of January until the 28th of January AG Capital’s owner & CEO Andrew Grigolyunovich, CFA and head of international business development, Jon Shore, participated in FSX Financial Services Exchange Investor Conference which took place in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Dallas, Texas, USA. The main goal for our company was to introduce our outsourced CFO services to US companies, to establish new contacts and to attract new clients in the U.S. market. In all of these goals we were extremely successful.

During the conference, AG Capital received very positive feedback from many companies on its business model and on our ability to offer a high quality CFO services more cost effectively than American outsourced CFO firms. We have begun cooperation with several partners - financial service providers in the U.S. market. We have also already begun working with our first U.S. clients for outsourced CFO services.

Besides the FSX conference we have had numerous meetings with financial service providers and investors. We have also hired a sales representative for the very large Texas market.

We are very excited to be entering the U.S. market and see a great future for us there.

If you are interested in investing in the U.S. market we are happy to be your trusted partner. We now have a very good network of trusted individuals who can assist with all aspects of investment in the USA.