Maggie Gunning, Owner of Pure Converts

Andrew and his team assisted our company by reviewing all our financial forecasting and ensuring that data/formulas etc. were accurate. We are extremely impressed with their attention to detail, fast service and genuine approach to go above and beyond. We definitely intend to use their services again soon for another project and would not hesitate in recommending their services to anyone. Thank you for doing such an excellent job!


Find out how to solve the problem:

"We have a seasonal turnover. The products must be ordered now but we're only going to sell them in a few months. How much we should purchase now to be certain we have enough product and cash on hand for later in the season?" Solution...


Wisemen Capital

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, and focused on medium sized companies, Wisemen Capital is an upcoming professional services firm offering cutting edge financial advisory services in the East Africa region (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania).

At Wisemen Capital, we believe in partnering with clients, not just accepting assignments. We provide strategic expertise in the wide areas of financial planning (budgeting, financial modelling, business analysis etc.), fund raising, treasury management and financial reporting. Working closely with you, Wisemen Capital will provide insight and strategic direction appropriate for the stage and growth plans of your Company.

We are passionate about your success and skilled at objectively assessing and strengthening your financial situation.

We are results oriented and focused on your bottom line. We’ll ask the right questions, identify the issues, and work as a strategic member of your team to implement realistic, intelligent solutions.


Web-page: http://www.wisemencapital.com/

Colemont FKB Latvia

Colemont FKB Latvia is an international insurance broker company operating in Latvia since the year 2000. Colemont services both legal entities, and physical persons in all kinds of insurance. At present 20 employees work for the company, and undersigned insurance premiums exceeded EUR 3.9 million in 2011 that ranks us among top broker companies in Latvia.


Web-page: http://www.colemont.lv/index.php/en/


JBS Group

Jon Shore and his company JBS Group provides us invaluable help of driving our products and services to the western markets. Jon has helped to develop our business presentation materials, as well as to adapt them to each particular market specifics. Currently, with his help, AG Capital creates a regular customer base from the U.S. and UK companies.


Web-page: http://www.corporateconsulting.net/


FCM Ltd is one of the leading financial advisory companies in Latvia, which provides financial management and financial planning services.
Our partnership has lasted several years already. During that time we were trying to create a more efficient and more results-oriented cooperation model between the two businesses from customer perspective.

In joint projects our employees work as FCM Ltd. employees, since for the customer important is not our internal structure, but rather the result.
With the help of this model, the client has no need to contact several specialists, but everything is done according to "one-stop agency" principle.


Web-page: http://www.fcm.lv


The Law Department

In today's environment, managing legal risks is vital, not just for success but also for business survival. To avoid being caught unprepared, managers must understand how to balance competitive and business pressures against legal and reputational risk. Drawing on their expertise in relevant areas of law, their knowledge of industry practice, as well as their experience finding real solutions to individual business problems, The Law Department will help you accomplish your goals while minimising your risks.

In the 24/7 world they live in, businesses need a law firm that is flexible and can pick up work at a moment’s notice. The unique set up of The Law Department allows this and gives their clients the confidence that their issue will be dealt with in a timely and effective manner.

They are based in north west London, and provide legal services to businesses based around the UK and in Ireland.


Web-page: http://www.lawdepartment.co.uk/

Stenton Leigh Group

Stenton Leigh Group, Inc. (“SLG” or the "Company") was founded in 1989 by Milton H. Barbarosh to invest in and provide advisory services to growing businesses. Since its formation, the Company has continually expanded and refined its services offerings to provide enhanced client value. Due to the professionalism and high rate of success of its services, Stenton Leigh Group and Milton Barbarosh have gained extremely positive recognition and respect in public and private capital markets throughout the United States and abroad.

Stenton Leigh Group and Milton Barbarosh provide in-depth consultation to clients requiring a wide range of corporate expansion and reorganization services. Stenton Leigh Group's services offerings provide clients with financial services and expertise to help them achieve a wide range of corporate objectives.


Web-page: http://www.stentonleighgroup.com

Singhania & Co. LLP

Singhania Law Firm is Indian and London law firm provides legal services, advocates and solicitors, litigations, law firm and attorney services in India, UK, London, New York and around the world.

Singhania & Co. LLP comprises of a large team of Law practitioners conversant and specialized in various faculties of International Business laws to ensure the delivery of customized practicable and affordable solutions to the clients. In the process of providing the solutions to our clients we provide various inputs and valuable insights regarding the development in the field of economic and commercial climate of India. With their clear and practicable advice they facilitate the establishment maintenance and expansion of the business and commercial activities envisaged by their clients.


Web-page: http://www.singhania.com/

Seed EIS Platform

Seed EIS Platform has been founded by a group of experienced investors in small cap and startup firms.

The company was created to help bring investors and business owners together …in what we believe to be the environment to provide the best ever opportunity for British Entrepreneurship to develop, expand and move forward… with investment via the governments ‘Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme’ announced in the Autumn Statement 2011.

The platform uniquely sources only opportunities that qualify for the 50% tax relief and potentially 78% relief.

We see the platform as a important meeting place between those looking to invest in startup Britain and the generous tax relief they can receive for doing this… and on the other side startups and small business looking for funding to grow and expand their operations. We then help business owners bring their ideas to market and guide them through the steps to get qualification for the “business proposal”.

Having already successfully funded 5 trial projects without the Platform, we now plan to take this to the next level and really help make a difference to the UK economic recovery.


Web-page: http://www.seedeisplatform.com

Ascot Wealth Management

We pride ourselves on forming long term relationships with our clients since it is the ongoing review that rewards both parties and not just the first 6 months. Our processes will continue to reduce costs, your time, and increase efficiency across your portfolio and estate. Our founding principles are a refreshing approach to other advisory firms and we aim to be the model that others replicate in the future.


Web-page: http://www.ascotwm.com