Oscar Skara, restaurant “Library” co-owner

"When deciding about an investment in the restaurant “Library” we involved AG Capital to carry out a financial assessment. AG Capital estimates clearly showed the required restaurant occupancy and the break-even level."



This produc can help:

"We want to buy new production equipment but we want to understand what the ROI, Return on Investment, would be."

Estimating the possibilities of development

Description of the Service

Customer description: Your company is planning to develop new products or services and also to expand already existing ones.

Customer's requirements: No special requirements.

Description of services:
Assess all possibilities that will help you make the right decisions. Will the investment, (in equipment, store, customer, product), be profitable? What factors have the greatest impact on the results of new development opportunities, how quickly the project will be cash positive? What is your break-even point? How can you evaluate / compare different scenarios for product development.

As part of the work we will produce custom calculation tools that will enable you to create a financial plan for the development of a new project with flexibility to change the most important assumptions.            

Functionality of the model:
• The ability to change important assumptions including modelling of unknown features in the new project. (For example, rent for the premises while negotiations are taking place, or the number of employees);
• Calculation of net present value of the project (NPV) - this indicator will help to determine whether the new project is worthwhile;
• Calculation of  the volume of funds needed for investment and the determination of the critical months in terms of cash flow;
• A comparison of different revenue scenarios (e.g., minimum, maximum and average scenarios);
• The ability to create breakeven scenarios, to determine the breakeven revenue level, as well as  make recalculations quickly based on  changes in  the assumptions;
• Graphic description for the development of project cash flow.


Calculation of NPV of investment