Oscar Skara, Leopard Group co-owner

"Our group has several companies. During weekly planning meetings we use AG Capital developed cash flow budget in order to monitor the situation at group level, as well as to plan the financial flow between group companies. "


This product can help:

"We have a seasonal turnover. The products must be ordered now but we're only going to sell them in a few months. How much we should purchase now to be certain we have enough product and cash on hand for later in the season?"

Planning Tool for Cash Flow

Description of this Service

Customer's requirements: No special requirements.

Description of services:
We will develop  a custom cash flow planning tool for you that you can use on a daily basis which allows you to anticipate the planned revenues of your enterprise. You will then be able to  plan payments and revenues by days and by specific amounts for specific suppliers and customers.

The introduction of this tool can be implemented immediately and will make a significant impact on your financial planning as well as help you make the right decisions with respect to the division of outgoing and incoming funds.

Businesses that use such a model usually spend only 10 to 30 minutes each day filling in the required data depending on how far ahead the forecast period is.

The functionality of the model:
• The ability to predict the cashflow situation of your company up to 1 year in advance with daily details;
• The ability to include many company specific risk factors and to predict their impact on the performance of the company;
• The ability to predict many development scenarios and thus to predict possible dividends or the amount of necessary investment as well as the timing of their return;
• Ability to quickly import account payable data from your accounting system and to change the scheduled dates of payment;
• Ability to quickly import accounts receivable data from your accounting system as well as to change the scheduled date of those receivables;
• The ability to quickly predict the most regular payments;
• Chart of growth / decline / availability of funds by day for many scenarios.


Planning Tool for Cash Flow